Emergency Restart

What is Emergency Restart about?

Once an Emergency Pause has been executed, the affected part of the system (all or pair) will remain in a no-trade status and only withdrawals will be allowed. To restart the affected part of the system, an Emergency Restart by the Emergency Administration Council will need to be executed.
A Restart Proposal has the following parameters:
  • Type of Restart
    • Full: Restarts Trading for entire OpenSwap platform
    • Pair: Only restarts trading for a specific pair (note need to enter additional parameter)
  • Pair (If Type = Pair)
Note that Restart proposals will be subjected to a minimum 24-hour execution delay.

Wish to learn more about OpenSwap's governance?

To interact with the OpenSwap governance portal, please explore the following link: https://www.openswap.xyz/#/governance​
We encourage community members to partake in community discussions to help better shape OpenSwap's governance structure. Users may get in touch with core team members through joining the OpenSwap telegram group: https://t.me/openswapdex​
Last modified 3mo ago