NFT Loyalty Program

What is OpenSwap’s NFT Loyalty Program?

OpenSwap’s NFT Loyalty Program gives projects a fun and engaging way to interact with their community members. Projects can reward their loyal supporters with NFTs generated by Chainlink’s VRF. These are usually given to token holders by asking them to stake a certain amount of tokens. Projects can also increase the desirability of these NFTs by giving additional perks such as APR boosts.

How can I participate in NFT Loyalty Programs on OpenSwap?

Projects can start your own NFT Loyalty Programs by reaching out to us on Telegram. Token holders are advised to stay tuned to our social media as we will periodically rollout new NFT Loyalty Programs.

Where can I sell the NFT minted on OpenSwap?

The OpenSwap team is actively and will continuously collaborate with different NFT marketplaces, users are advised to follow us closely on our partnership announcements to see which NFT marketplaces the minted NFT are available to be traded or transferred on. It is in our plans to eventually launch an NFT marketplace on the OpenSwap DApp.

How do I determine the resale value?

The OpenSwap team will never comment on topics related to secondary market conditions or resale value. DYOR and beware of scams.

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