Bond Marketplace

As mentioned under the section 'Liquidity as a Service’, newer projects may have problems with their liquidity. This service is a different approach to solving this liquidity problem. Projects are to provide project tokens at a discounted rate where people or projects can get by bonding tokens, usually an LP token consisting the project token and a stable coin or a native chain token like ETH or AVAX. If this is an LP token then it is usually deposited into (an) AMM pool(s), bringing a new revenue stream for the project as well as deeping the liquidity.

The vesting period of the bond varies, chosen by the project, usually 7 days. The vesting method can also be different with examples such as linear or cliff. The bond prices can be fixed or dynamic set determined by our algorithm. Projects can also choose to do this bond offering publicly or privately with partners.

If a project is interested in this offering, it can contact the OS Pro team for guidance to set up the smart contract properly with the desired parameters. This can be used to ease selling pressure.

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