OS Pro Advantages for Token Projects

Liquidity ownerships

Projects will now own or have a trusted partner providing the liquidity. This mitigates the problems associated with retail, mercenary liquidity providers.

Realignment of goal between Protocol and liquidity providers

In traditional farming, liquidity providers can leave anytime after getting the reward. This is a problem because when the incentives exhaust, they can leave, draining the liquidity. With bonds and Liquidity as a Service(LaaS), these liquidity providers, the protocol and stable coin partner respectively, are much more reliable and want the project to be successful.

Price stability

With the help of bonding and LaaS, the liquidity of the protocol builds up and deepens. This allows bigger trades with lower slippages, making it more appealing to trade.

New Revenue Streams

If a protocol decides to use our bond market, it will then control its own LP. By depositing these LP tokens into an AMM pool, it will also earn trading fees.

Funding injection without immediate token price impact

If a protocol chooses to use our On-Chain Private Sales or the Bond Market, it can receive funding from different parties in exchange for its tokens. Even though such events can be considered inflationary, there are vesting periods varying from days to months, and in these periods, investors would have no incentive to dump the tokens.

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