Bridge Trolls

At the core of Open Interchain Protocol, is the concept of Bridge Trolls. Bridge Trolls are essentially node validators who perform the tasks of monitoring the protocol for transaction requests, verifying, and signing transactions to carry out the withdrawal of funds on different blockchains. In order to ensure that Bridge Trolls behave appropriately, they need to stake bonds in the form of the native OSWAP tokens which are put at risk if they carry out inappropriate actions. In return, Bridge Trolls will be compensated a portion of the bridge fees (transaction fees) for helping to carry out the crosschain activities.

There are two types of Bridge Trolls in the Open Interchain ecosystem:

Green Troll

Anyone who holds an OpenSwap Bridge Troll NFT can become a Green Troll by running the Bridge Troll node software, and staking the qualifying OSWAP stake on the primary chain. The core duty of a Green Troll is to help verify and sign bridge transactions assigned to them. The number of Bridge Trolls involved in a particular transaction will depend on the size of the transaction. The larger the transaction, the more Green Trolls are needed to be assigned to validate the crosschain transaction. In return, the signing Green Trolls will receive a portion of the bridge fees.

Mean Troll

Mean Trolls are upgraded from Green Trolls. To become a Mean Troll, the user will be required to stake a large amount of OSWAP token as qualification stake, and in return for carrying out additional responsibilities, Mean Trolls will be eligible for a greater share of the bridge fees. TO be trusted to carry out these additional responsibilities, every Mean Troll needs to be voted into place by the bridge community, and may require a specific Bridge Troll NFT key to serve this role. In addition, Mean Trolls need to post a bond on each chain to be eligible to participate in withdrawal tasks, and their assigned transactions are based on their ability to cover the transaction amount with their bonds.

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