OS Pro Advantages for DeFi Users

More tokens at a lower price

The tokens sold by On-Chain Private Sales are usually a lower price and guaranteed by a buy-back queue. Whereas in the case of bonding, a discount would be offered by the protocol in order to attract investing. In both cases, investors could often get more project tokens under the market price.

No impermanent loss

Same as 1), if investors choose to take part in Pn-Chain Private Sales, impermanent loss either does not exist and is borne solely by the protocol.

Ensured liquidity

If a protocol chooses to use our Bond Market or Liquidity as a Service (LaaS), the liquidity depth would be deepened by that service. Users can trade for those tokens more freely.

Lower slippage

Same as 3), protocols that use the mentioned services could build up its liquidity. With higher liquidity, the slippage of each transaction is lowered.

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