Liquidity as a Service

Projects in the earlier stages often face difficulty securing funds to provide liquidity for their project token. The common method of relying on retail liquidity providers is proven to be costly and unsustainable due to the high amount of incentives required to attract them. Leveraging the connection of OpenSwap, a network of stablecoin partners is established.

Projects teams are only required to provide project tokens for the AMM pair and our stablecoin partners would provide stablecoins for the other pair. This LP would then be deposited to (an) AMM pool(s), deepening the liquidity and earning trading fees.

In the offering, stablecoins providers would earn fixed liquidity incentives provided by the project, shielded from impermaninment losses while the project side can have a vairing and higher yield than the stablecoin side. Retail investors can participate in this liquidity service on either or both sides if the projects wish so. The duration of the services varies from weeks to months.

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