Introduction πŸ“Œ

What is OpenSwap?

As the DeFi universe continues to expand, liquidity becomes increasingly scattered across multiple chains and the situation is poised to get worse as new chains emerge with individual DEXs on each chain. Committed to becoming the most comprehensive one-stop DeFi hub offering the best on-chain pricing and multi-chain arbitrage and trading, OpenSwap allows users to experience revolutionary benefits through optimizing their trades with OpenSwap’s unique features: Liquidity Queues, Hybrid Routing, DEX Aggregator, and Inter-Chain Liquidity Swaps, all on one platform.
The following document details the functional and technical aspects of the ecosystem products, as well as customized support guides to help users navigate through OpenSwap easily.

Key Features

Carrying asset swaps or simply transferring digital assets across different chains is inefficient and cumbersome. We understand that multi-chain is here to stay, and we aim to revolutionize and unlock the boundaries of chain-specific digital assets so that liquidity can be efficiently leveraged across different chains. OpenSwap will help give traders and liquidity providers an edge in the ever-changing DeFi space through the following features:
  • DEX Aggregator: OpenSwap provides incredible prices and minimized slippage to users through aggregating liquidity from an increasing number of sources, unlike other exchanges that use only a single source of liquidity.
  • Liquidity Queues: As a complement to AMM swaps, OpenSwap Liquidity Queues offers spot market trades based on our Secure Adaptor Protocol which carries out trade-time security checks on underlying oracles.
  • Hybrid Smart Router: OpenSwap’s Hybrid Smart Router takes the liquidity queues to the next level by enabling the coupling of swap trades from AMM pools with Queues to provide a clear advantage over existing AMM pool-only approaches.
  • Interchain Protocol: The OpenSwap Interchain Protocol will introduce a solution that offers more efficient inter-blockchain swapping of chain-native digital assets through the usage of single-asset vaults and decentralized mechanisms. *other features will be added soon.

Who's Involved?

OpenSwap is being introduced by a team of seasoned technology experts from IJS Technologies, with contracts reviewed by Certik. OpenSwap is also part of the first cohort of Impossible Finance.
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