Token Distribution

OSWAP Token Distribution

OpenSwap has designed its 'Tokenomics' to support a sustainable long term project ensuring that:
  • 95% of all tokens will be subjected to locking and gradual vesting schedules;
  • More than 70% of all tokens will be subjected to vesting schedules over 2 years; and
  • All core team members and related tokens will be subjected to long-term vesting periods to prevent quick profits.

Token Information

OSWAP will be an ERC20 token with a hard-capped total token supply of 1B tokens. Token will be bridged to BSC as well as other chains as the project develops. There are 20M OSWAP tokens minted to date, which are locked in the governance contract to support transparent governance. Prior to IDO, there were no tokens in circulation. Information on tokens in circulation will be updated accordingly as the project develops.

Allocation Breakdown

As indicated in the breakdown below, as OpenSwap is a community-driven project, the majority of the allocation will be dedicated to the community. Overall, more than 70% of OSWAP tokens will be subjected to a vesting schedule for over 2 years. In addition, the OpenSwap core team's allocation will be subjected to a long-term vesting schedule to ensure there are no rug-pulling or 'quick profits'.

$OSWAP Utilities

  • Liquidity provides may stake OSWAP into Liquidity Queues to increase the priority of their liquidity, prioritizing their earnings for trade fees.
  • Node operators for the cross-chain bridge must stake OSWAP to be eligible as a bridge troll who earn fees as assets 'cross' the bridge.
  • Yield farming by providing liquidy for OSWAP pools or other contests.
  • Participate in governance by staking OSWAP to create proposals or vote on risk parameters for the protocol.
In addition, synthetic tokens will be created as a result of the bridging process and also in the future 'True-Value Farming' features.

Want to learn more about OSWAP tokens?

We encourage community members to partake in community discussions to help better shape OSWAP Tokenomics and help generate more utility ideas. Users may express their ideas to core team members through joining the OpenSwap telegram group:​
More information about OSWAP tokens will be shared with the community as the project develops. In the meanwhile, please feel free to follow us on Twitter to receive the latest news and updates from OpenSwap:​
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